The MRF offers participants three unique investment solutions, designed to fit the needs of all MRF participants.

Board Managed Fund

Investment Objective

The primary goal of the Board Managed Fund is to preserve the principal investment and minimize the probability of loss. The Board Managed portfolio is most concerned with the “return of principal” rather than the “return on principal”.

Faith Based Approach

Within the MRF Board Managed Fund the investments are screened to prevent intentional investing in companies that invest in a manner found to be inconsistent with Christian values. Specific companies that are avoided include those that directly invest in the areas of abortion, alcohol, gaming, pornography, and tobacco.

Investment Management

The Board Managed Fund is an appropriate investment option for those participants desiring a conservative investment strategy where the underlying investment decisions are made by the MRF Board of Trustees.

Risk Based Model Portfolios

  • These model portfolios give participants the ability to make investment decisions based on their own personal risk tolerance.
  • All portfolios are automatically re-balanced on an annual basis which aids in helping participants stay invested in accordance with their own risk tolerance.
  • As a unique feature for the MRF, both Faith Based and Standard model portfolios are offered. Click here to view the asset allocation for ALL model portfolios.

Core Fund Menu

  • Each individual participant has the flexibility to design your own personal investment strategy by choosing from the diversified mix of fund options available on the MRF platform.
  • Participants will be able to choose between standard and faith based funds. Click here to view the available funds.