BJThomasPlanning for your retirement is a matter worthy of your consideration and immediate action. It is so easy to postpone action because retirement may seem so far away in time. In fact, the time passes by rapidly and, for those who started putting funds in their retirement account, it becomes so obvious that that initial step pays huge dividends. I have not heard one single person say they regretted investing in themselves and their family. Conversely, I have heard many lament the fact they did not start soon enough to afford retirement even though their age and physical condition dictated it. Please consider the future for your family by enrolling in the Ministers Retirement Fund and making consistent contributions to yourself. The earlier you begin, the more your fund will grow and eventually make it possible for you to enjoy those golden years. Doesn’t it make sense to reach a point in time when retirement is affordable and continued ministry or work is optional as you determine? You are the one to make that happen! Please do it now! It is YOUR FUTURE!

B J Thomas
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Ministers Retirement Fund, Inc.